A story of being chef on Queen Mary2

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Crew Agency a Trendmánia adásában!

I’ve started to work as chef 27 years ago. I never stopped….


In my opinion is a hard job and if you are not combining this with seriousness and discipline you will never be a really chef..

Behind this job definitely you must add always physical and mental efforts and lots of patience..

I wanted to experience my job abroad on ships and add to my carrier SOMETHING. The ladies chef were rarely accepted in this position on ships in the kitchen. Finally after many searches I’ve found an agency in Hungary. The only agency that treats you with seriousness and take real 100% care of candidates. The only agency that was not asking for commission to get you a job. You will not find such agency in Romania or neighbours countries or you will not have same benefit as they offer. They have qualified staff and high professional standard.

Silvia & Sándor two strong managers with high standards. They are famous for their seriousness Cunard  and all candidates are selected with care for details.

I’ve joined the first Cunard ships in 2004.06 the most famous, grandest, giant QM2 , a huge , elegant and promising. Was the ship that I’ve  liked from the very first side..

The galley… puff…  you cannot include with your eyes… Only the cold kitchen had 12 chefs of different nationalities and this was a small part of a galley of 250 cooks. I never imagined such a thing before.

Exceptional system… In one word excellent

4 years of working on the same ship, a work that keep you continuously alert.. I’ve make up my mind!! I want to be in the management team!! EEE, but is just not like this… not so easy… Must be even more endeavour…

After 4 years I was promoted to sous chef…SOUS CHEF, I worked in this position only home…

So that everybody can understand: working in a galley on board of a ship is quite different than working on land in a hotel, restaurant. The ship is the 1st priority, must stay safe all the time, than all the hygiene ( public health) rules that you  must follow strictly, environmental issues also to be taken into consideration, everything is so important. Your life is like in the army ( the marine J) follow rules that you never dare to break . You never put in danger others’ life and not the last your life.
Life on the ship is beautiful and you gain more experience even beneficial for your personal life but that … only if you accept the challenge and you are ready to start a different life…

after working a year as sous chef I got promotion to the next rank: chef de cuisine. I’m working in this position since 2008. A position with lots of responsibilities , but I’m still learning lots of things , there is lot more to be learned still, but this keeps me alert and I truly like it.

You want to be respected?? Be serious, listener , follow the  strict rules and respect the one next to you . And not the last smile and be kind all the time. Certainly the results will soon be revealed.


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