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Itt értesülhettük a Crew Agency legfrissebb híreiről, a legaktuálisabb munkaajánlatainkról, az újdonságokról és mindegy egyéb fontos Titeket is érintő kérdésekről, így a tengeri, folyami hajókon betölthető pozíciókról!


Crew Agency is organising crew interviews on divers occasions in cooperation with cruise partners. Next upcoming interview is under process. You can always find current information on our Facebook and website.

Crew Agency is offering jobs for English or/and German speaking applicants. We are looking for candidates for the following positions: waiter, bartender, cook, pastry-cook, utility, cabin stewardess, receptionist, etc. River ships are travelling all around Europe, oceangoing vessels are travelling all around the world.

Our agency have valid MLC 2006 and ISO 9001:2008 certificates

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