Ocean cruise lines go everywhere in the the world throughout the whole year. They are similar to a five star hotel. The size of these ships vary from small yachts to giant vessels which carry often about three thousand passangers. The contract of the crew usually lasts for 4 or 6 months.

Working Time

You will be expected to work seven days often without any day off. You will have hour off each day. The average working time is 10-12 hours a day.

How To Apply

You can apply any time of the year. Some companies preferes on line interview , some companies will come to Budapest for a face to face interview. Please folow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

The first step you need to do is to fill the online application form and attach your documents as per bellow list in a separate e-mail.

The documents we need from you are the followings:

  • cv
  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • relevant references
  • relevant diplomas and certificates
  • copy of passport
  • criminal record check

General Enquiries

All crewmember must have a good command of English or/and German knowledge and must have previous work experience in the position they wish to apply for . In some cases, for example cooks and patissers also a professional certificate is required. To be hardworking and have the right personality is also important.

Positions and Salaries


  • Previous shipboard experience as a waiter + excellent language knowledge
  • Income: salary + tips: 1500-3000 USD/month

Assistant Waiter

  • Previous experience as waiter and good language skills
  • Income: salary + tips: 1200-2000 USD/month

Buffet Steward

  • Previous experience in restaurant and good English langauage skills
  • Income: salary + tips: 1000-1200 USD/month

Cook (sous chef, chef de partie, demi chef de partie), Pastry Chef

  • Professional experience + good language knowledge
  • Income, depends of the position, salary: between 1400–3000 USD

Cabin Stewardess

  • Previous experience gained on a ship or in a hotel + good language knowledge
  • Income: salary + tips: 1500-2000 USD/month


  • Bar experience + good language knowledge
  • Basic salary + tips + comission 1500-2500 USD/month


  • Experience gained at a hotel reception, excellent language knowledge. You must speak fluent English and have at least a B2 language knowledges of either French, or German, or Spanish, Dutch or Japanese
  • Income salary 2000-2500 USD/month

Other Positions

  • Maitre d’ (shipboard experience required)
  • Asst. maitre d’ (shipboard experience required)
  • Masseur (experience and relevant certificate required)
  • Housekeeping supervisor (shipboard experience required)