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Open galley positions on oceangoing vessel!
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We have openings on luxury yachts!

Send your CV to fill the following positions:


** Hotel Director – we have openings coming up for Hotel Director.  The rotation for this role is changing in 2016 to 3 months : 3 months off there we are looking for more talented individuals to join us.  Needs to have Hotel Management experience, luxury hotels, resorts or cruise industry. Must have strong F&B background.  Salary depending on experience.


** F & B Manager – strong F&B Manager experience is required for this role.  4 on 2 off rotation.  Paid in Euros, at a rate of 4533.03 Euros per month.  Must have cruise experience for this role, with full understanding of F&B operation onboard.


** Corporate Restaurant & Bar Manager – we are seeking a talented and experienced Manager to join us in a Corporate role.  This is a travelling position across the fleet.  With the implementation of the Thomas Keller culinary programme we have exciting times ahead.  Salary depending on experience.


** Provision Master – with the introduction of the Encore  next year we are now ramping up with some key positions, including Provision Master.  Must have experience in this role, 4 months on 2 months off.  Paid in Euros at a rate of 3039.79 Euros per month.


** Chief Steward – this role is key with galley sanitation and USPH. Must have experience in this role from other cruise vessels.  4 on 2 off. Paid in Euros 2608.54 Euros per month on board.


** Asst. Housekeeper – we have opening for a male or female Asst Housekeeper.  Needs strong housekeeping experience from cruise/luxury hotel industry.  4 on 2 off.  Paid in Euros 2188.23 Euros per month for Asst Housekeeper.


** Assistant Maitre’D – we have an opening for an experienced and skilled AMD.  4 on 2 off. Euros 2713 per month.  Join ASAP.


**Ex Sous Chef –  We are looking for experienced and talented chefs to join us.  Ex Sous Chef 4 on 2 off, paid in Euros – 3921 Euros per month.


** Crew Purser – we have an opening for the Crew Purser. 4 on 2 off paid in Euros 2826.47 per month. Previous Crew Purser experience is essential for this role.


** Openings currently in the fleet for Female Housekeeping Stewardess experience in housekeeping / rooms division or experience within residential care.  4 months on 2 months off.  Salary for housekeeping stewardess –  1580 Euros per month. Join ASAP



If you are interested, please send your CV to